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[IP] how to read digest WAS insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #388

Bema00 asked

> Please give instructions to open the insulin pumpers digest.  When I
> download, I get a message stating downloaded but unable to open to
> read in e-mail or word.  

Sinc eyou use AOL, I assume it works the same as mine.  After you click the 
DOWNLOAD button, a screen will open and ask you SAVE AS?  Just click the open 
button.  Then once you are off line, (and here I will assume you are using 
Windows 95/98) click on START, PROGRAMS, WINDOWS EXPLORER.  A sort of file 
cabinet opens up.  Double click on  folder that says AOL...it opens up and 
you will see a folder called DOWNLOAD...double click on thre and you will see 
INSULINP.  Double click on that, and NOTEPAD will open and you will be able 
to read the post in all it's glory....

If your computer happens to select somewhere ELSE to save it rather than in 
AOL/DOWNLOAD, then just take a second before you click YES to see exactly 
WHERE this is...Other email programs may may save them in a TEMP file - there 
are as many options as there are cows in china...you just have to see where 
your email program selects it to go to...

> I know I've missed a huge amount of information. 

<smartass sideways glance> I doubt it

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