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[IP] "newcomers without a clue"

Ruth wrote:

>what about all the newcomers who don't have a clue as to what we 
> are discussing?  as a newbie...I look at the posts and glean what I 
> can....if there are several "opinions"...why not include them?

well, I can appreciate this and I know most people are careful about subject 
line and deleting the end stuff.  However, many members subscribe to a digest 
version of the list.  We do not get individual messages with an individual 
subject line allowing us the luxury of either deleting or reading.  We get an 
email that says INSULIN PUMPERS DIGEST #376.   We open it, download it, and 
read it.  We scroll through the entire thing to see if there is anything we 
want to read.  I love reading about Geneva and following her progress, as I 
do with many other people, adults and kids, and I love this forum for the 
support it provides to me.

> I also try to put my response at the TOP of the letter so that you 
> don't have to wade through the prior posts unless you WANT to.

I have no choice...If I want to get to the next post, I have to scroll past 
your re-post...LOL...maybe I ought to re-subscribe to the individual post 
version...I can see my boss now freaking out when I have 294 unread 

As it relates to other opinions, I agree these may be important, but that is 
why it is ok to include a couple of lines.  A lot of the threads go wayyyyy 
back.  Someone joining today isn't going to know the origin of this 
particular post, but the web site is so useful and well set up, that if you 
DO want to do further research on a particular thread, all you have to do is 
go read it...there is TONS of stuff there...you can search for info on the 
Accutility software...you can search for 101 uses for extra tubing...you can 
read all the pump wars stuff...and if you really have time on your hands and 
a thirst for knowledge, you can trace the beginnings of the "This has to 
stop" thread.

I did not write the original post to piss people off.  I have been a member 
of IP for almost 2 years, and I guess maybe I have outgrown it, or it has 
outgrown me...I know that not everyone is a computer whiz, but then neither 
am I.  However, we are all reasonably intelligent people!  If we can program 
our pumps and figure out the math for carb counting, surely we can figure out 
how to send a post!

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