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[IP] Overtreating Highs

Jennifer wrote:

> The other niight I ...was 45 then 400, 2 hours later.  Then I over 
> bolused and ended back at 50, 4 hours later....wondering if any women  
> get "messed" up with thier basals and boluses during Aunt Flo's 
> visit every month?  

There is a FAQ on the web site that addresses this, but yes, PMS and the 
actual week of CAN have a huge affect on your bg.  Personally, the week 
BEFORE, I raise all my basals at least .1 and some of them as mcuh as .2, or 
I will stay in the 200-300 range...those rampant hormones...they do the same 
things to kids when they hit puberty - look out Nita and Ruth!  By the same 
token, I always KNOW when Aunt Flo has arrived by a sudden crash in 
bg...Since I am fairly regular, I have learned to reset my basals the night 
before she arrives (she's an early riser), but that first day, I usually run 
low low low.

I also know those headaches...Latley, I have been trying to be very 
conservative with my high boluses...and creep my bg back down so my body 
doens't freak when it drops 200 points in an hour and releases all those 
counter-regulatory hormones.  Even if I am 300 and I want to get to 100, I 
try to stretch the drop over several hours...I have found over the last 2 
months of doing this, that I have virtually NO rebounds.  I used to slam that 
300 down with 4 units of V (1 unit lowers me about 60 points)...now I will do 
1.5 units...then 2 hours later another 1.5 units...and usually another hour 
or so later, I am back to where I needed to be on only 3 units. If I had 
panicked EEEEEKKKK HIGH!!!  and taken the whole 4 units, I would have crashed 
in 3 hours and rebounded back up to 300, or higher.

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