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Re: [IP] Re: Cotton candy


With all due respect,  I am sure most of us appreciate your opinion. But 
please, as the saying goes ... Until you walk in my shoes ...  

I appreciate your concern for my daughters health, because as you have 
insinuated, I obviously don't have any concern  since I allow her to eat the 
foods you find "forbidden". 

Let me ask you this, do you have a degree in diabetes management that is 
current with the 1990s.  Remember, this is 1999 not 1959. 

As Oprah says,  Get with the Program ... Insulin / carbs used in the correct 
amounts will help us all live as healthy a life as possible.  It doesn't 
matter were the carbs come from ... cotton candy or that dreaded baked potato.

Cotton candy a killer ... I laugh at the thought ... not in today's world. 
You are suggesting that anyone that smokes will get cancer, anyone that eats 
a high fat diet with die of a heart attack, and those of us who dared to eat 
red M & M's years ago ... OMG  we are all doomed.

I had a brother-in-law who died of cancer ... he was a diabetic also ... type 
1 ... like most people on this list.  He never smoked, never drank, and led a 
wonderful life, but the cotton candy didn't kill him.  And I have a 
grandmother, 91 years old this year, and she has smoked for decades ... and I 
mean decades. No cancer, alive and kicking. Funny, the things that  were 
supposed to kill them, didn't. 

 So, lighten up. No one is going to eat cotton candy 24/7. Most of us have 
great diets, but like to indulge a little. Anything in moderation should be 
okay.  I truly hope that we all learn to love the little things life has to 
offer us. Enjoy the beauty of sunset, see the love pouring from a new 
romance, and mostly the euphoria a parent receives in seeing a smile  on 
their child's face and a laugh in their voice ... and maybe all due to cotton 

Mom to Rachel, who would do nothing to ever be a detriment to my child's 
health, but will allow her some joy in life.
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