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[IP] Attn: Outlook Express Users

Someone wrote:

<<I did away with the copy of the original message but am afraid I have no
clue about whether it is being sent HTML or not.  I don't even know how to
contact the admins.  Probably through help address would be my guess.  If so
many are bothered by the HTML, please share how to make sure I am not one of
the guilty ones.  Thanks.  >>

Yes, to reach an admin, you can send a note to HELP@insulin-pumpers.org.  We
(the admins) have noticed that most of the people who post in HTML and copy the
entire original message at the bottom of their replies use an email package
called "Outlook Express".  After doing a bit of research, we've discovered that
OE comes configured to send mail in HTML and also to copy the entire original
message at the end of a reply.  These are the default settings, so that
explains why so many people send their mail this way.  However, for the
purposes of posting to Insulin Pumpers, it would be much better to turn these
options off.  Here's how:

To turn off the option to include the original message in the reply, Click on
the word "tools" in the bar at the top of the main email screen, then choose
"options" at the bottom of the list that comes up.  Click on the tab that says
"send", and then remove the check mark next to the box that says "Include
message in reply".  (You can remove the check mark by clicking on it.)

To turn off the HTML option, follow the same path through "Tools", "options",
"send".  At the top of the box, there is a choice between sending in HTML, or
sending in Plain Text.  HTML is the default, but sending in plain text is MUCH
preferred for posting to IP.  Just click on the little circle next to the plain
text option to change it.

If you DO want to include part of the original message in your reply, then
leave the setting alone, but PLEASE snip away the unnecessary portions by
highlighting the text and using the delete key on your keyboard.  Usually, just
one or two lines is all that is necessary to remind others of the thread you
are replying to.  For those members that receive the digest, it is extremely
confusing to sort out what is "new" and what is "old" when the entire message
has been copied at the end of a reply.  This also adds unnecessary lines to the
digests, meaning the digests are sent more frequently, but with less "real"

If you want to respond to an individual privately, you should copy their email
address and paste it in the To: field.  Unfortunately, Outlook Express doesn't
display the email address of the sender.  To determine this, you should open
the message, use your right mouse button and click on the name in the "From:"
box, and then click on "properties".  There should be a box that has the
author's email address in it.

Thanks for your help with these matters.  Just a little attention to these
details can make reading the IP mail more pleasant for everyone.

Mary Jean Renstrom
one of the admins
mailto:email @ redacted

Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org