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Re: [IP] Lifescan Fast Take Meters, Reading High?

Hey Forrest~

I don't know the acceptable % variations for meters, but I can share my
recent experience with you.

I use a LifeScan Fast Take meter AND an Accu-chek Complete.  I took
both meters with me on my last endo visit and had them checked against
the doctor's office meter and the lab results.  

OneTouch Profile was 225 mgdl, this was doc's meter.
My FastTake read 230 mgdl
My Complete read 235 mgdl
The lab test was 240 mgdl, using whole blood drawn from a vein.

Both of my meters were within an acceptable range, and I was actually
surprised that the FastTake was so close to the lab reading.  

Yeah....I know, it was a high day...but we bumped up the basal just a
bit and everything was great by the next day.  AND....I might add that
my A1c was 7.3 down from 8.0

As always.....Your Mileage May Vary!

~Janet Marie who loves her brite bleu MiniMed 507c

Original Message
From: Forrest Green <email @ redacted> 

Are the Life Scan Fast take meter supposed to read 33% higher than
whole blood readings?  

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