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Re: [IP] Re: Cotton candy

   Excellent & rational reinterpretation of this ongoing "cotton candy" 
theme. I believe more damage was done in past years by inculcating this rigid 
"no sweets EVER or else!!!" approach to treating diabetes. It's as 
unrealistic as expecting an overweight (non-diabetic) adult to adhere 
unflinchingly to a "diet" forever. Either scenario is an invitation to 
feeling "guilty" or "bad" after indulging. I try to instill in my daughter 
the realistic "life 101" rule that there are consequences for her actions, 
but NEVER the thought that eating some junk food will lead to dire 
complications. Hey, even with A1Cs averaging in the low 7s since diagnosis 7 
years ago at age 9, she STILL had to undergo a kidney biopsy 2 years ago & be 
put on ACE inhibitors because her kidneys just tend to "leak" protein.  She 
is a compliant, responsible, articulate, educated young woman who knows all 
too well the dire consequences of diabetes......but that doesn't mean she 
didn't have fun last night making and EATING chocolate chip cookies with her 
friend...and bolusing for the carbs. Diabetes care has changed dramatically 
in the past 10 years ( thankfully) and perpetuating old "myths" only serves 
to guarantee that rebellious, restricted, "deprived" kids/teens will 
completely refuse to comply. My 51 yr old cousin, a physician whose "ego" 
refused to allow him to "admit" he had diabetes & hence never took proper 
care of himself, passed away a year ago. His 2 sons were left orphaned & his 
15 yr old son starts boarding school this week. Melissa is hopefully learning 
that anger is counter-productive, and that conversely, explaining her 
diabetes & educating her peers, brings understanding, compassion, concern and 
support for her and everyone else who lives with diabetes. 

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom/coach and advocate)
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