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[IP] Humalog supplement

I too ordered the "Pumping Insulin" book from Amazon. Then called Torrey
Pines Press to order the Humalog supplement. I was told that the
supplement could be downloaded free from their
website<www.diabetesnet.com> , which is really Diabetes Mall, and
consists of 4 pages. However, "...most people order 'The Pocket
Pancreas' which includes the supplement". On that advice, and somewhat
intrigued, I ordered "The Pocket Pancreas" at a cost of $5.35 + $1.00
shipping.  Then, went to the website , but could not find the supplement
, just books to order, including "The Pocket Pancreas".  When my
"Pancreas" did arrive, I was quite disappointed in the very limited
information about Humalog, just onset time, peaks, and the 1500/1800
rule. I guess I expected more about PUMPING Humalog, not just about the
properties and actions of Humalog that are available from Lilly.   With
that said, I must in all fairness set aside my opinion about the Humalog
portion of the "Pancreas", and recognize the goodness of the content. It
really is a neat little reference, full of facts and advice about
excercise, carbs, reactions, situation causes, and some very informative
graphs/diagrams.   Fot curiosity though, I'd be interested to know if
anyone is able to download the supplement fom their website.

Be well,


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