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RE: [IP] This has to stop

Sara, I'm sorry if having my HTML turned on caused you difficulty but it was
an innocent mistake. I had to put my computer back to factory specs and
reload everything, I inadvertently forgot to check the box marked send plain
text when I reentered the address. That said...when I first joined back in
Jan/Feb I was very new to the computer world. I didn't have a clue about
HTML's or much else. At that time I received a very friendly message from
someone here explaining to me what happened by my sending HTML's and how to
correct it. It was very much appreciated. At that time, if I had seen your
posting "naming names" I probably would have quit this list feeling I was in
over my head or maybe not "good enough." I shutter to think how much help
and insight I would have lost if I had "quit." My suggestion would be to
send polite email first then if the same people are continuing take further
action at that point. Just my $.02. Deb N.

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