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Re: [IP] Re:Pumps

At 07:40 PM 08/16/1999  Jane B Reese wrote:
 >  Hi I work for Department of Defense - I frequently have to pass through
 >metal detectors, and the last time, I did, I must have set off every alarm
 >in the building!!!  They made me walk through the metal detector many times,
 >every time setting off the detector.

Every detector seems to be set differently. It sounds like the DOD 
detectors are much more sensitive than the standard airport detectors. 
Reminds me of the courthouse detectors, when I was on jury duty a few years 

The airport scanners are different from airport to airport and even from 
day to day. I've never had to show any medical letter, yet (I wonder if my 
Medic-Alert card & bracelet would do). I've flown about 4-5 times since I 
started pumping and only got stopped once. The airport personnel seemed to 
be aware of what an insulin pump was, so after I showed it to them, they 
were happy.


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