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Re: [IP] more posters who repost

At 08:24 PM 08/16/1999  Julie Britt wrote:
 >I'm not even sure I understand what it is that we are doing that you don't
 >like...is it that I include the original message when replying?  I asummed
 >that this was normal protocol.  I myself like to see the original message so
 >I know what people are talking about when they reply.  I'd like to hear from
 >list admin's as to what we're supposed to do here.

Including the whole original message is what Sara is talking about. The 
"polite" method is to include only enough of the original so that people 
can understand what you are specifically replying to. Otherwise, when you 
read the Digests, all the quoted (and re-quoted) text adds an lot to bulk 
of the mail. It also makes messages much more difficult to read for many 

So, just cut as much as possible from the quoted message and all will be 
well in IP-land once again. :-)

(one of the admins in disguise)

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