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Re: [IP] Gastro Flare Up - Fear - Whine

    Sorry to hear you are having problems. I've had morning sickness for to
many yrs., I understand the pain, the fear, the need to vent .As I of the
few that has been thru all of problems caused by gastropresis.I was on IV
Erythrocin on and off for over ten years then my gut stop working I had to
go on TPN (IV FOOD) lasted year for all the time I have had IV's most of the
time I was working and at home. I did have too stop working that has been
the hardest thing to do but I think it was time 20+ years of fight  it I
needed to slow down some. I just now worry about that I can still make my
Girlfriend smile and happy. My gut did get better its working some of the
time. I still have the N/V everyday and the pain still visit me, somedays I
can't move very well. So I eat what I can  then drink most of my cal.
everyday, I take all my drugs (last count was 21 pills)
check BS 12-20 times a day as needed. I do as many things as I need to get
better everyday. So remember
                    SMILE AND BE HAPPY
ps:vent anytime drop me anote......Yes I'm smiling alot today I'm flying out
to CA to get my GF she is moving back to Omaha to be with Me  :-)

I just needed to vent about gastroproesis. I've only visited the toilet
five times today, so it's a bit better.  It scares me because I've heard
 read that some people end up in the hospital for a month on IV just ot
have calories in them.  I think it scares me too just for the shear fact
>that diabetes is rearing it's ugly head and I get scared, what's next.
I am tired of the pain and being a couch potato.  thanks for listening.
Fran in AZ

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