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Re: [IP] Re: Cotton candy

	Jane, Jane, Jane, it's hard to teach  old dogs new tricks *S*.  I 
too have had to work hard to change after so many years of not 
thinking and without the advantage of a pump.  But as we all now 
know so well, a carb is a carb is a carb.   I used to eat all those 
"dietetetic" or even "diabetic" sweets and ice cream, with all those 
slow absorbing carbs (like sorbitol)--- no sucrose but they elevated 
your BG just the same after a while.  Candy by itself is no worse 
than bread, pasta, or any other carb, as long as you cover it with 
insulin.  Yeah it may go in faster, and may be harder to cover 
exactly, but it can be done.   Kidney failure is not caused by eating 
cotton candy, and it is a mistake to tell people this.  It may be 
caused by prolonged levels of very high BG, and this is what we 
can now control with the pump.   Actually I think it is good to let 
diabetics try all kinds of food, just so they know the limitations of 
what the pump can do. 	I loved your mulch analogy, but with a 
different interpretaton. Our "mulch" is the carbs we need to eat, 
and our exterminator is our pump. We can mulch our bods with all 
the carbs  we want, and then we call  our trusty pumps  to 
exterminate those carbs and keep our BGs normal :-) Happy 
pumping!!! -wayne  

<<<<<<<<<I'm taking hits from lots of people on my comments about doing without
cotton candy.
I have no complications after many years with this disease.  I ask you -
when you have
 kidney failure - is it going to be any consulation that you ate cotton
candy?  Will you care?
My next door neighbor has a severe case of termites - she puts down wooden
mulch, and
 then pays the termite people big bucks to come and treat!  Is that any
different than this issue?
Other than you're talking about your life, or that of someone you love,
maybe more than yourselves?????  One minute of pleasure?  For what?  You (or
ANY kid can't live without
 cotton candy?  Excuse me?)  Who are you kidding ???  Yourselves?
Get real - diabets kills in the most horrible way - a little at a time -
your eyes, your kidneys,
your feet!  Don't you KNOW that?

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