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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy.../Sugar Madness,The Movie

Have you considered that any starch you eat turns into those "illegal"
Life is too short..my A1Cs are great I watch what I eat and some sweets are
not going to kill me. I have a better chance of dying from my siezures, MS,
autoimmune disease or being hit by lightening then by eating a piece of
cotton candy once in 5 years. I also cannot eat aspartame. We all die from
something..that is a guarantee. The problem isn't from eating suagr. The
problem comes from letting your blood dugars go too high. Iwth a pump I am
able to control my BGs. Life is the real thing it is not a dress rehearsal.
You are entitled to live they way you want and choose the foods you wish
and others of us have made our choices. I have seen people die from
diabetes even though they had good control. My mom lost the vision in one
eye and now possible the other and her A1Cs are 5.2!! She also had open
heart surgery because her vessels became brittle from the diabetes but that
is not because she eats sugar..it is part of the disease. 
At times because of other health problems I have to use PREDNISONE...and
that makes my BGs go up..would you prefer I not use that drug and die
because it was not use because it makes my BGs go up?
There are many things that makes ones BGs go higher..hormones is
another..changes in hormones everymonth affects females what are we suppose
to do about that?
Life is too short to even go on with this type of discussion..to each
thioer own..you eat what you choose and good for you..I eat what I choose
and good for me. I intend to enjoy my life while I have a life to
enjoy..life is too short to argue over this..
Take good care of you and I will take good care of me..
email @ redacted
aol instant chat ID riverbijou who is going to eat a crispy creme chocolate
donut and will bolus for it and also I cannot use aspartame...and I use
prednisone so shoot me LOL

At 11:07 PM 08/16/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Ellen -
>I must say I agree with you.  Those "illegal" sweets carry too high a price
>i have not missed them , and do not even consider them an option now.  For -
>what 5 minutes -
>campared to the cost of high blood sugars - are they worth it?  In my humble
>opinion -
>NO way!  Why have to bolus for them - the better option is "Just Say NO".
>Plain and
>simple.  Good luck!
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org