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[IP] rice carbs

asians (like me) like our sticky rice (medium to short grain) because it is 
easier to eat the rice that clumps together with chopsticks and/or fingers.  
the reason you get more carbs with medium grain is because it gets more 
compact (grains stick to one another).. th elong grain rice tends to be 
fluffy - the way americans like their rice.. therefore, you get less rice 
granules per 1/2 cup.. thus less carbs.. if you went by weighing, the carb 
content is probably closer .. i.e. 50 gm carb for each 200 gm of cooked rice 
or 25 gm carb per 100 gm cooked rice.

hope that helped to clear the mystery of the carbs in rice - short, medium, 
and long grain.

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