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Re: [IP] chinese restaurant rice...how much bolus?

Hi Ruth and Geneva -
I just got back from Japn, where I learned that WE (in the USA) and Chinese eat the long-grain.  Yes, there is a difference -
before I went to Japan, Ididn't even eat rice.  Bolus the same as you do for normal carbos - at east that works for Me.  On the exchnge system ( which I do when ever I dont know the carb value) 1/3 cup for rice.  If i want more, I just bolus for that amount - for instance, I bolus 1.7 per carbo exchange.  One carbo exchang efor me is 15 g.  For that I do 1.7 - if I'm having more than that, just bolus 1.7 times number of exchanges.  Whatever works - for me, I'm on the same basal rate day and night - 24 hours a day on .4/hour.  Not everybody is that rate, and you have to adjust.  Good Luck!