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[IP] Gastro Flare Up - Fear - Whine

Hi All,

I just needed to vent about gastroproesis.  I know there are some of you
that probably have it worst than me and I am sorry for that.  I just got
hit real hard with it.  It started Thursday and just progressively got
worse.  This morning I woke up with a bs of 41, an hour later ( after
taking 45 grams of carbo - sprite ) I was 246 and then an hour later I
was 66.  I called my husband and he came home from work.  I was just
freaking that nothing would stay down.  I didn't understand the bs down
up down.  I've spend more time the last few days on the toilet than
anywhere else.  I have no appetite, I get hungry, eat and there it
goes.  Not even my fave, chicken noodle soup was staying down.  :-(  We
called the doctor and I got back on cisipride.  Steve made me breakfast
/ lunch and that partially stayed down.  I've only visited the toilet
five times today, so it's a bit better.  It scares me because I've heard
/ read that some people end up in the hospital for a month on IV just ot
have calories in them.  I think it scares me too just for the shear fact
that diabetes is rearing it's ugly head and I get scared, what's next.
I am tired of the pain and being a couch potato.  Then I feel guilty
because I don't have the energy to exercise.  Arg, the stuff I do to
myself in my head.

Anyway, thanks for listening.  On the plus sign,  I have lost 8 pounds!
:-)  One must always look for some positive...  Diets don't work for me
but gastro does!

Fran in AZ

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