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Re: [IP] Minimed Contact

At 10:16 PM 08/15/1999  Richard D. Spector wrote:
 >I haven't received a
 >call asking how things are going with my new pump

I don't think that MiniMed contacts users to see how it is going because 
they expect that you would call them if there was a problem. Also, since 
most of us have a medical professional team, it is more appropriate that 
they monitor your progress. Since the most common problems are medical 
problems (not mechanical or electronic), I don't think that MiniMed wants 
to be dispensing medical advice. Medical devices are not like 
automobiles... since they are prescribed items, it is your doctor's or 
CDE's responsibility to monitor your progress.

I know that I can contact
 >Minimed with additional questions but does Minimed actively take part in
 >the Pumping community?

They do participate in many local pump support groups to answer questions, 
etc. There are a few pump company employees on this list. I don't know how 
closely they monitor things, though.

 >Does minimed send out a regular newsletter and if so how often and has
 >anyone received one newer than Winter 1998?

I don't think I've gotten one recently either. You may want to call your 
pump rep to find out why.

 >does Minmed ever follow-up with its customers to make sure the machines
 >are maintained for example like a auto dealership reminds you of a
 >maintenance scheduled appointment?

With the MiniMed there is no regular maintenance, unlike a car... no lube & 
oil or tune-ups. It either works or it doesn't. If there is a problem, call 
the 1-800 number on the back of the pump. There is no need to worry about 
it... an awful lot of us have had MiniMed pumps that have worked for years 
and years without a glitch. They are designed to take a lot of abuse... 
including an occasional drop on the floor or a dunk in the sink (or other 
locations <vbg>).


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