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Re: [IP] more posters who repost

At 05:58 PM 8/16/1999 , you wrote:
>I sure don't mean to piss anyone off, but I am just assuming you just don't
>KNOW you are doing this!!!  I value IP, but I can not handle this!  Bits of
>useful and interesting information that I can not address, and I usually have
>some decent insight to a lot of problems, don't you think>  Instead I am
>spending my time wading through reposts and HTML filled posts.
>I am going to have to unsubscribe if it doesn't improve..and don't worry, I

Might be better if you send the request about problems to the Administrators.

We tend to help when others let us know whats upsetting them.

I forwarded the e-mail to the other Adm.  to see if they can help

Brian Carter
One of the Adm.
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