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re: [IP] How do I become a CDE or . . . .

Here is the Website of the Org that tests..


>i saw the following on the childrenwithdiabetes site:
>  C.D.E. (Certified Diabetes Educator)
>           A health professional who is certified by the National
>Certification Board for Diabetes Educators to teach  people with
>diabetes how to manage their condition. The criteria to obtain this
>certification include:
>              1.a degree in the health professions such as R.N.
>(nursing), M.D. or D.O. (physicians), R.D.  (dietitians), R.Ph. or
>Pharm.D. (pharmacists), M.S.W. (social workers), and others.
>              2.at least two years' experience in diabetes education.
>              3.successful completion of a comprehensive examination
>covering the field.
>           Certified Diabetes Educators must be recredentialed every 5
>           Visit the American Association of Diabetes Educators website
>to learn more about diabetes education.
>           You may also visit the National Certification Board for
>Diabetes Educators website to learn more about the Certification
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