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Re: [IP] basal test & bolus question - long

> Now on to my question.  We did a 14 hour basal test...midnight to 2
> pm on sunday.  Blood sugars only varied slightly, but never went
> below 80 or above 124.
>  Now here is my
> question.  1/2 unit of insulin will drop her 100 points, and she
> started out taking 1 unit per 25 g carbo.  Now we are down to 1 unit
> per 20 g carbo.  It seems as if this isn't working anymore either. 

Back up a little and measure a some other things.

First check her carb to bg ratio. There is a HOWTO about this, but in 
summary, when her bg's are stable, eat a single glucose tablet. The 
come standard 4 or 5 grams. Check her bg in 20 minutes and note the 
difference. This will give you a starting point to figure out her 
carb/insulin ratio without directly testing it which can be done but 
is difficult.

Go back to your records of bg's and look at high blood sugar bolus 
data. Eliminate those with bg's higher than 200 since insulin 
resistance and busy kidneys will mess up the data. Look at how much 
insulin was needed to bring blood sugar down and by how much over 3-4 
hours or more. Calculate the resulting ratios and throw away the 
highest and lowest 2 - 3 calculations. Average the rest to get a 
guestimate of bg to insulin ratio. From that you can estimate 
carb/insulin ratio or use the tool on the web site.

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