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[IP] basal test & bolus question - long

Hi group.  First let me again thank everyone who offered to send me things
for Jessica.  We have gotten one care package in the mail, and she was so
excited that people cared enough to send her things so she could continue to
pump...and still waiting to hear more about the approval for insurance we
are trying to get.

Now on to my question.  We did a 14 hour basal test...midnight to 2 pm on
sunday.  Blood sugars only varied slightly, but never went below 80 or above
124.  I know we can fine tune this a bit, but we are hesitant as these
numbers are really good.  Now here is my question.  1/2 unit of insulin will
drop her 100 points, and she started out taking 1 unit per 25 g carbo.  Now
we are down to 1 unit per 20 g carbo.  It seems as if this isn't working
anymore either.  She had her favorite food, Grape Nuts Oh's with milk after
the basal fast.  Total of 39 carbs.  She bolused 2 units, and 3 hours later
was 220 still.  Had to bolus an extra 0.5.  This works out to be 1 unit per
15.60 g carbo.  Now keep in mind also that Jess has had diabetes for 7 years
next month, weighs 40 pounds and is 43" tall.  Can she really need so much
insulin per carbo?  Is she possibly becoming insulin resistant?  i wouldn't
think so, because 0.5 is still dropping her 100-120 points.....arggghhh.
just when I think I have things figured out they change again!

Thanks for any input on this y'all might have!

Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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