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Re: [IP] unexplained HIGHS.. the clock is ticking...am I gettin

> it is 10:30 pm and geneva is asleep on the couch.  after an 8:30 PM
> reading of 334, and a bolus of 2.3....she has come down to 156 at
> 9:45.
> now...I await the 12:00 reading to see if her basals are holding her
> even and if this unexplained high at 8:30 was just a fluke.
> I got real aggressive with basals tonight.  from 8 pm - 12 am...we
> are at 1.3
> geneva weighs 85 lbs. and was on 25-28 units total with MDI>
> then there is that period from 12 - 3 where she usually plummets. 
> so , I tried a 0.2 then.
> this will be another LONNNNNNG night.
> thank goodness it is summer and we can sleep in (thanks to pump!).
> I get nervous thinking about this whole mess when school starts in
> two weeks!

Your not alone .....

When Lily was 11, she needed a 1.2 u/hr basal starting when 
her head hit the pillow. It had to be timed to 
her sleep period. Her evening basals were 0.4 or 0.5 as I recall and 
her rate dropped a bunch a few hours later. Very similar to what you 
are seeing. At the time she weighed 85 lbs also. Her endo had never 
seen anything like it, but Lily was the youngest patient in the 
practice at the time using a pump. She still has a similar pattern, 
but the basal rate differences are much smaller.
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