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Re: [IP] Morning bg numbers

> Deborah,
> Let me know what you find out when you check her numbers.  Rachel is
> 12 and also plays soccer ... as well as basketball and lacrosse.
> This will be our first sport season on the pump, so I am sure we
> will be adjusting her basals this season.  The only thing we've done
> so far, after a particularly strenuous soccer practice, we did
> reduce her basals for 4 hours starting at 11pm.  She woke up the
> next morning a tad high, so I guess we'll just play with the numbers
> for a while.
> Keep me posted and maybe we can figure out our soccer players
> together. Saundra Mom to Rachel ... Right wing (striker) on her
> soccer team.

Here's what I've found..... for practice and a single game, usually 
there is not a significant dip in bg's that can't be compensated for 
by the method above. However, for tournament days/weekends where 
there are 2 or more games a day that are played, Lily will generally 
need to reduce her night time basals by 0.1u/hr or she will go very 
low/crash in the night. She's a starting player and generally plays 
the entire game unless her bg's get out of whack.

Michael , dad to Lily - fullback aka "Lily of Denial"
email @ redacted
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