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Re: [IP] Taking regular as basal?

> I am going to a water park tomorrow and of all my options, I am
> thinking I want to try a shot of regular as my basal..I am on
> humalog.
> Has anyone done this?
Lily does it, but if you are in the water a lot, you may not need 
your basal or at least not all of it. We went to the water park about 
a month ago and Lily did not need to replace her basal insulin and 
she was there for 8 hours with her pump off. We arrived a 11:00, she 
checked at 1:00 for lunch, bolused and checked again at 5:00 for a 
snack (hot fudge sundae). We left at 7:00 when they closed and she 
checked about 1/2 hr later.  Her bg's were within 30 - 40 pts of 100 
all day. YMMV
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