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[IP] Your 1st time "out in public"

<<Thanks again--my first time "out in public" on the list was quite a boost in
confidence for us!!  I also enjoyed the bit of controversy it created!!
Connie from MI 
mom/coach for Jackie, 8yrs, dx 5/98, pumping since 7/29/99>>

Connie, if controversy is what you want, you've come to the right place! We 
all have our own opinions, and some are very strong, as you are learning. 
Just remember what we all have to remember -- we do this for ourselves, our 
kids, and the others in our lives we love. We can't always see the true 
meaning behind each and every post, but most are done with caring and 
concern. And others, like Sam's, are done for laughs at times (right Sam?? 
I hope Jackie thoroughly enjoyed her cotton candy -- ahhh, life's simple 

Mom of Amy, 13
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