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[IP] New Diagnosis

Dear All,

I've been pretty much gone from the I-P list since I started a new job in May, but I just wanted to share some news with those of you with whom I've corresponded over the past couple of years.

Our 3 1/2 year old daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with type I diabetes last week.  Although I know that this has probably been going on for a while inside her body, the "triggering event" is probably the move to a different town this week.  We did detect it early, based upon some frequent bedwetting, though that was the only symptom.  At midnight on the third bedwetting night in a row, I pulled out some old outdated Diastix and tested her urine -- more out of frustration of changing sheets again than with the thought of there being a medical reason for it.

Anyway, after a marathon day at the ped's office, and three days at Children's Memorial in Chicago, we're home (at least until the movers come on Wednesday).  Ellie's on a 3 shot regimen with H and N, and we're testing her BG 4 times/day.  My wife would like to do it less, but the pediatric endos (and I agree) think that it's important to utilize this honeymoon period as a way to prepare for when tighter control becomes harder to achieve.

Ellie is doing amazingly well at accepting this "poke" and "shot" thing, and it is becoming less and less of an ordeal each time meal time comes.

And now to answer the question that I'm sure many of you are asking:  No, we won't be using a pump for Ellie at this time.  I love mine, but I don't think it's appropriate or necessary for her at this point.  The group at Children's doesn't put kids on pumps at this age, and I said that I don't want to anyway.  However, I did say that if and when my wife and I felt that it WAS appropriate, that we would make a very strong case and discuss it further.

I'm just starting my research on ways to make this more acceptable with small kids, so if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions, please send them to me directly at email @ redacted  With the move, I won't be able to scan the message lists.

Best regards,
David W.
(formerly email @ redacted)
type I 7/74
MNMD 507 2/97
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