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Re: [IP] Mom's back to school jitters

Boy,  can I relate!  My son was diagnosed 2 weeks before starting middle 
school last year!  I set up an appointment w/all his teachers,  coaches, etc 
before school started.  The school nurse was there too.  I was SO new to 
diabetes,  yet I felt that I knew as much as the school nurse did!  Kinda 
scary!  The one thing that bothers me is that the school WILL NOT allow 
anyone (but me) to give the glucagon shot if needed!  They said they will 
call me if he passes out & needs it.  I have glucagon gel that I left at the 
office,  the home room teacher & the PE teacher. My son was the only kid at 
school with diabetes.  They said they thought that they had had a child in 
school with D several years back. THEY  THOUGHT???     I am not any more 
comfortable this year than I was last year!     Any other suggestions??
Thanks!  Teressa
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