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[IP] I just need to complain

 Saturday was great not going higher than 120, but I need to say
this...Yesterday...ahhhhhhh! Ok, it had been three days since I'd put
my site in my behind,so I had to change it, no biggie. I changed it, it
left a big red mark (biggest I've had) but I'm not scared b/c I forgot
to do anything to the site b4 I inserted. Well, I was out yesterday
afternoon, snack,snack,snacking! Ok, but EVERYTHING had a carb
label..darn it, I bolused exactly for them and I was 300-400 ALL
afternoon OK, fine, I didn't do a correction dose until way later to be
sure all of my food boluses were gone, when they were I was 360, and
instead of a 5.2 correction, since my dinner bolus was still present, I
did 4.5...came down to 85. Gets more complicated, a friend came over
and we went out...My parents couldn't tell me 9;30 be home for
shot...HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! so we went out AND I had my first full
(real) slurpee in ten years!!!aren't y'all proud?!?(ok, I only know a
small has 32g cho so I got a small, my friend got a large, but that's a
lot more NORMAL than going for a diet soda instead which I've been
doing the last ten years)>....thanks to whoever it was at
childrenwithdiabetes who told me the carb value!!So that was good.
 I was out with her shopping etc and darn it, my "new" site hurt!!It
was just red near the insertion point,a nd hurt to much to sleep with,
so I changed the darn thing INTO MY ARM..let me explain why this is
what I hate..site changes...my behind is my fav. place, but sites there
have been hurting there lately and the last one left a big mark. My
thighs always seem to hurt, I hadn't used them in over a month and I
just replaced it and removed it yesterday so I wasn't going to get a
nother sore spot. My stomach is my stomach, I saw too many girls
(pumpers) at camp with a roll there from pump sites, so I'm not using
my stomach period. So I tried my arm..carefully pulling some fat where
there was not too much muscle, went in, no numbing creme, no
biggie...took a showre a little later..darn thing came out! so went
through the whole stupid process of trying to reach and insert my arm
I got it in fine, of course, taped down like crazy this time, long
tubing taped down my back...and guess what, wh o gives! i am wearing a
tank top none the less! My arm is a little achy but oh well. I'm high
now, and sure have my fingers crossed it's not a dumb site prob, I
changed 3 sites yesterday and this one is going to last. My bg is going
up despite a correction, but i was sleeping, and made another
correction 4 hrs later and if i'm high in an hour or so it's my
site:-(((( And I'm out of long tubing...TOTALLY....there's no way I
could reach my waistband from my arm in short tubing, and MM sent me
samples of longs a long time ago. they sent me my pump the beginning of
may with 4 boxes of short sof sets I sent back 2 for short sils, and
now have 1 untouched box of short sofsets which I will (hopefully they
will agree) send back for LONG sils. So...
 Just had to get all this off my chest..then there's nights, I am SO
READY to lock my bedroom door and push drawers in front of it so my
parents STOP checking my bg in the night. I wake up and it's not fun, I
feel like i'm in the hospital again, and I've been pumping 7 weeks
today. I went to 60 at 3 am probably from teh highs yesterday but they
check on me even when I say NOT to. I'm getting unfriendly about it yes
b/c i can see what a toll it's taking on my mom and don't see why she
doesn't give up for a little while. I want this settled by sept 7 when
school starts and guess what, I"M NOT GETTING UP IN THE NIGHT THEN,
forget it, I will block my door. My body just needs to settle down and
figure this out, I'm happy with day basals, except today I'm high, and
hoping it's only something small. my nights are ok if I have No snack
(or peanut butter, which will definitely send me UP), and NO exercise,
so i may sacrifice both for a little while.
 Sorrry, just had to vent, I love the pump, but hate frequent site
problems and then parents worrying (too much)...

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