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[IP] Closing the loop on cotton candy request/Pumpers in Michigan?/Camps?

First of all thanks to all who responded--so many warm wonderful stories and
thoughts poured in for my daughter on the way to her first cotton candy in
over a year (which IS a big deal to an 8 year old).  All this agonizing for
only 15g of carbos!!! Yep--thanks to all of you who had the experience--for
only .6 units my little girl had another of her "happiest days ever"!

I love Ellen's idea about the cotton candy party!  And to George...hope you
had that cotton candy this weekend!  It will make you feel like a kid

To those concerned about Jackie's overall diet and healthy eating--don't
worry...she eats very healthy--this was just a treat.  Jackie makes
incredibly wise food choices.  Its gotten even easier since she began
pumping--since she has a choice of anything...she makes better choices and
doesn't have to take it out on poor mom  (you know--the "diabetes
stinks--life isn't fair thing")!

Two other questions for the list:
Any young pumpers in Michigan/Ohio area?
Also, best camps for young pumpers (daughter is 8)?
 Personal responses are welcomed--

Thanks again--my first time "out in public" on the list was quite a boost in
confidence for us!!  I also enjoyed the bit of controversy it created!!

Connie from MI 
mom/coach for Jackie, 8yrs, dx 5/98, pumping since 7/29/99

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