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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy, chocolate, and sweets

There's almost no way to bolus properly for a regular soda.  There's jsut
too much sugar in it that goes into the blood too fast.  A 20 bottle of
soda has about 75 g of sugar,.  For me that takes 5 U.  A 5 U bolus of H
will peak in about 1.5 hours. The 75 g of sugar will peak in about a half
hour.  You could try to shoot up a half hour or hour earlier, but this is
pretty risky.   The same problem exists with all straight sugars, even
cotton candy.  But a normal cotton candy stick has only about 30 g of
sugar, so  even if the bolus is a bit late, the BG peak will still be well
less than 200.   With a big soda bottle, I can go to 300 in a wink.   So i
still do diet for that reason.

>>>>>>>>>From: email @ redacted
<<about this sweet thing!
I am allowing Geneva to have anything now.  but one item of food which
causes me some alarm re: levels is real soda.  if Geneva drinks coke or
whatever...even with bolusing for her normal time period  (carb
ratio)....her levels go way UP.
has anyone noticed this occurrence with soda?  perhaps she measured wrong,
after all, we were at this ranch and she was using a soda dispenser.  is the
soda dispenser "sweeter" than a can?>>

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