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Re: [IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thingtofar???

Saundra, I agree with you fully, but even more so!!!
	 You don't need a pump at all to eat cotton candy or anything else
for that matter.  All you need to know is how many grams of sugar are in
the cotton candy you want.  Then just take a shot and enjoy.  Every insulin
dependent diabetic is free to eat cotton candy if so moved.
	The pump may make us more conscious and careful about what we
diabetics eat, but you don't need a pump to be smart.   The real advantage
of the pump is the basal maintenance, something which just cannot be done
with shots.  However, the boluses can be done with shots easily enough.
Indeed, when I go out for dinner and do a big meal with lots of protein and
carbs, I know large boluses given by the pump take too long to get
absorbed.  So I almost always give a shot of H to try to cover most of the
early part of the meal.   Then I either bolus or use a temp basal to cover
the rest.  Works much better than trying to pump a giant bolus into a 2 day
old hole.

<<<<<<Excuse me, but as the mother of a child with diabetes, I would do
anything to
keep her as healthy as possible until there is a cure. But with the advances
of modern medicine, it is totally possible for a person with diabetes to eat
cotton candy ... or anything else.

Let me ask you this.  Why do you have a pump? I would think the answer would
be for the best control possible.  Well, at least that's why we chose the
pump. Not for the candy or any other food. But the amazing thing is that with
the pump you can eat ANYTHING, as long as you let your pump do what your
pancreas would...match food/insulin requirements.  I'm not sure why you think
that this food is forbidden.  Whether the insulin is from the inside or the
outside, as long as you monitor and get it when you should, what's the

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