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Fw: [IP] Endo's and the pump

Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 6:51 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Endo's and the pump

>     Ok everyone time for another question.  I just found out last night
> Taylor's endo is leaving very soon (like the end of August).  I have not
> heard this from him yet, so I will be checking out my sources, but I am
> pretty sure it is true as a friend and her dad just went to him on
> and he told them they were leaving.
>     Now for the question:  Our insurance currently has a letter of medical
> necessity for Taylor to get on the pump (they just got it on Thursday).
> is this new development going to affect our chances of him getting on the
> pump?  We have worked so hard to get him to this point that I am afraid
> he won't be able to go on the pump like we had planned.  He is waiting as
> patiently as an 8 y/o can.  But as his mom I don't how patient I can be
> I am 29).  I may need lots of help on this.  Please keep your fingers
> crossed for us as I don't want to continue with MDI, and I dread looking
> another endo.  His current one has a satellite clinic in the town we live,
> otherwise we need to travel at least 250 miles to go to one in the EPO
> of our insurance.  Any suggestions?
> Holly
> (mom to Taylor 8)

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