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Re: [IP] re: poor absorption. P.S.

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> I do remember one of our DE (who pumps) telling me to not give a correction
> for at least three hours after the first.  it takes a full 3 for it to work.
> so, on my log I put little dashes in the spots for correction bolus to
> remind me (often at 3 am when I am not concentrating) NOT to correct until
> exactly three hours later.
> so, tonight...I corrected geneva's 334 (at 8:30 PM) and we won't correct
> again until 11:30 or 12:00 AM.
> when these high times occur,  it takes the correction bolus a painfully LONG
> time to work.  normally she responds really quickly to humalog.

Yes, insulin resistance happens when we are short of it, so it leads to
a lot of frustration getting it back down. Hang in there, things sometimes take
longer than we'dd like.

Ted Quick
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