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Re: [IP] poor absorption and high levels

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> we are using the humalog and velosulin mix now, after this happened to us
> during the first few weeks of pumping.  STILL having this problem.
> tonight....for no reason,  no fatty meal,  proper bolusing and even an hour
> of rollerblading...geneva unexplainedly went up to 334!  at 8:30 pm...
> no prior lows for the day either.  this is indeed frustrating to us also.  I
> guess we should think of hormones, at age ten.

Possibly, or at least think of growth spurts varying the reality a bit...
> we are only into our second day of site.  so , this couldn't be the problem
> , could it?
> is geneva , and others...just not a good candidate for softsets?  I am going
> to try to get her to use the sils tomorrow.  if we make it through the
> night.  back to syringes, I guess.

OK, but look at the Sofset for problems. If it's been crimped below skin 
level it will usually appear to have a sharp bend in it when you take it
out. Because the SofSet base is so small and relatively tall it's all to easy
to snag it on things when moving around, which is why i started using 
Comforts (another brand os Sils) ever since I found out about them some
5 years ago.
Also note that her high may have been caused BY the exercise, since the 
body will release glycogen, which turns back into glucose, when exercising
hard and this may need to be corrected by stopping the pump or greatly
cutting the dose during that time. There ARE reasons for everything, it's
just awful confusing sometimes...........

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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