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[IP] stuffed animals/beanies/pumpie

I need to find these new Ty Beanies they are coming out with, they will
match my other 150 beanies I have!  (Besides being a diabetic/person with
diabetes, I am a compulsive beanie  buyer !!! (CBB) If I see one I don't
have, I get it!
Lori-35 years young at heart and will never stop buying beanies!

From: Susan K <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Pumper Duck/Disetronic "pumpie"/and MM Moose


Tell me more about "pumpie" and how to get him.  I am 47
and still collect stuffed animals.  I have a rocking chair
in my bedroom that is full of stuffed animals and so are my
shelves -- even some of them in the living room.  I even
have a Utah Jazz (NBA) beanie baby on top of my computer.
I guess some of us just never completely grow up.


- --- email @ redacted wrote:
> Just a quick comment, my daughter got her "pumpie"
> stuffed pump, which she
> loves.  She is quite a stuffed animal lover though and
> would love to get
> anything associated with pumping...tell me about the
> moose.  Also, I recently
> saw two stuffed bears that are manufactured through Bayer
> that are "Diabetes"
> bears...anyone have any info on how to order them???
> Thanks,
> Saundra
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc., FSP
email @ redacted
ICQ# 41956947

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