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Re: [IP] Was Set Change Necessary?. . .

email @ redacted wrote:
> Yesterday I had a 325 after brkfst.  I know exactly what I ate and this
> should not have happened. I then remembered that when I changed the set prior
> to brkfst, I had a hard time getting the air bubbles out of the resv.  I put
> the 507C in suspend and opened the pump to view the resv.  I removed it,
> looked it over for air bubbles and returned it very carefully to the pump.  I
> snapped it shut and took it out of suspend and did a .5 prime as I do when I
> reconnect after a shower.  I adjusted for the high but still had over 300 two
> hours later so I changed the entire set and resv.  Things were ok after that.
> In thinking back on it, when I returned the resv to the pump and snapped it
> shut I should have done a 5. prime as I usually do when I change the set?
> Could this have contributed to the continuing high?

Did you do the .5 prime before or after reconnecting it to you? Before
reconecting it's necessary to make sure the insulin is actually flowing from the
open connector before connecting, but if you didn't do so and primed after 
hooking it up then it's possible that the insulin wasn't feeding yet.

There is an engineering term called lash in any mechanism. When you put the
syringe back in you need to run the scew in to tighten it up on the syringe 
plunger so that it will actually pump. Unfortunately this may take differing
amounts of priming depending on just how loose the push arm was to the plunger.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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