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Re: [IP] site change - no soap and water available!!!!!!

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> ruthanne
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> Sent: Sunday, August 15, 1999 6:57 PM
> Subject: Re: [IP] site change - no soap and water available!!!!!!
> > I believe that the IV prep does clean, sterilize and give the sticky base
> so
> > the tape adheres but I still thought that if you were sticky and sweaty
> would
> > a little IV prep do the  job.  My trainer said to use and alcohol pad to
> > clean the area and then use the IV prep as usual.
> >
> i heard somewhere that alcoholing the site is not the most sterile thing to
> use.

Actually, alcohol doesn't sterilize anything unless it;s soaked in it for
at least 20 minutes. It's really only useful to remove dirt because it's 
a solvent that works faster than soap and water without need to rinse it off.
That's why they use it in Emergency Rooms and battlefield conditions.

Ted Quick
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