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[IP] unexplained HIGHS.. the clock is ticking...am I getting any sleep????

it is 10:30 pm and geneva is asleep on the couch.  after an 8:30 PM reading
of 334, and a bolus of 2.3....she has come down to 156 at 9:45.

now...I await the 12:00 reading to see if her basals are holding her even
and if this unexplained high at 8:30 was just a fluke.

I got real aggressive with basals tonight.  from 8 pm - 12 am...we are at

geneva weighs 85 lbs. and was on 25-28 units total with MDI>

then there is that period from 12 - 3 where she usually plummets.  so , I
tried a 0.2 then.

this will be another LONNNNNNG night.

thank goodness it is summer and we can sleep in (thanks to pump!).

I get nervous thinking about this whole mess when school starts in two


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