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[IP] Minimed Contact

Hello everyone.  I have a couple of questions.  I have been using the
minimed 507c since 2/03/99.  I am very happy with the pump but somewhat
concern with the lack of interaction with Minimed.  I haven't received a
call asking how things are going with my new pump and the only
information I have received from Minimed was a newsletter dated Winter
1998.  I also did receive a Blood Glucose machine from Accu-check as a
welcome to the wonderful world of pumping.  I know that I can contact
Minimed with additional questions but does Minimed actively take part in
the Pumping community?

Does minimed send out a regular newsletter and if so how often and has
anyone received one newer than Winter 1998?  Also does minimed ever call
just to see how things are going with the new pump and in the future
does Minmed every follow-up with its customers to make sure the machines
are maintained for example like a auto dealership reminds you of a
maintenance scheduled appointment?

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