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Re: [IP] Was Set Change Necessary?. . .

thank you david...for enlightening me and probably a host of other new
pumpers.  MM never told us about this little quirk!

ruth and geneva

> 1) At that removal and re-insertion you should of course have
> ALREADY disconnected from that syringe before being handled.
> 2) After you put it back in and clicked the driver-arms
> down over the syringe-plunger. (or for Disetronic users,
> inserted the drive-screw and nut down into the drive)
> 3) and closed the door on MiniMed pumps (or Disetronic
> screwed down the adapter with the infusion-tube still attached)
> 4) Run the motor until droplets of insulin come out of the
> disconnected end of the QuickRelease fitting or Maersk-set
> fitting (Silhouette/Tender/Comfort).
> NOW YOU KNOW next click or buzz from the pump WILL DELIVER
> 5) Reconnect to infusion set, deliver bolus or basal as desired.
> this makes that next pump-stroke's insulin go into body.
> IF YOUR INFUSION SET is still good!
> Without the priming, strokes could have been taking up the
> mechanical slack between the drive-mechanism and the syringe
> for quite some time, or subtracting that slack from an
> immediate bolus-attempt.
> David C. Winegarden

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