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Re: [IP] bumper sticker

oh . . .sorry . . .didn't mean to bother anyone . . .I certainly don't want 
any other people who are already diabetic continuously reminded of their 
mortality, but I also feel that too many adults (especially my family at 
this moment . . .grrr . . .) are NOT aware of the seriousness of diabetes 
and NEED to be.  I mean, people who are diabetic (especially those of us 
diagnosed when all this "great" technology was already invented) should 
already know that with tight control etc. etc. etc. chances of problems are 
really a lot less. However, thanks for bringing up a point that I didn't 
think of.  but . . .i think I will still get my bumper sticker.  --Gianna

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>Subject: [IP] bumper sticker
>Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 22:05:05 EDT
>I agree that diabetes kills, and we need to cure it.  But I don't think I
>want my child reminded that this may kill her, every time she sees the 
>sticker on my car.  I don't want her to be any more worried than she 
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