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Re: [IP] seeking an internist in MD

Hi -
I ;live in Pasadena, Maryland, and have twoi wonderful Doc's.  One, my
general practioner, Dr Dupaya-Ramierez (hope I spelled thsat rihght).  I
work for DOD (Department of Defense)  and whille overseas, my wonderful Dr
died of cancer - and i had to find a new one when i got home.  Dr Dupaya's
number is 410-760-4888.  I can even remember that when i'm haveing an
insulin reaction.  (Which I may be having now!)  Call her.

She could not fix all my low blood sugars, so I found a DR at Johns Hopkins,
named Dr Margolis - evidently, THE doc there for diabetes is Chris Sauddek -
maybe Saudak? But f you call the diabetes center, they all know who he is.
I siuggest Dr Margolis!!  He has woinderufl bedside manner, adn LOTS of
knowledge about diabetes!  Pick Dr Margolis!!!!


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