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[IP] Was Set Change Necessary?. . .

Yesterday I had a 325 after brkfst.  I know exactly what I ate and this 
should not have happened. I then remembered that when I changed the set prior 
to brkfst, I had a hard time getting the air bubbles out of the resv.  I put 
the 507C in suspend and opened the pump to view the resv.  I removed it, 
looked it over for air bubbles and returned it very carefully to the pump.  I 
snapped it shut and took it out of suspend and did a .5 prime as I do when I 
reconnect after a shower.  I adjusted for the high but still had over 300 two 
hours later so I changed the entire set and resv.  Things were ok after that.

In thinking back on it, when I returned the resv to the pump and snapped it 
shut I should have done a 5. prime as I usually do when I change the set?  
Could this have contributed to the continuing high?

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