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Re: [IP] How do I become a CDE or . . . .

gianna marzilli wrote:
> Now, can someone out there please give me some ideas on any health careers
> related to diabetes that do not necessarily involve medical school?  How do
> you become a CDE? 

As I understand it you need a 4 year degree in a health care area, not 
necessarily nursing, and have experience treating diabetics. You might want to
check the webpage for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)
They run the CDE certification program.

Where do you take the exam in this country, and do you
> have to be a doctor? What else is available in terms of job opportunities?
> How do you become a rep or educator for a pump company? 

MiniMed and Disetronics can probably be contacted at their webpages for
this info. Without a CDE it might be hard to become a trainer (I guess),
but reps don't need the same training.

Ted Quick
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