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[IP] Endo Pumper Please!

Fran wrote:

> I agree with you 100%, however my CDE is not licensed to 
> adjust my basal rates :-(
> Getting hold of the Endo is nearly impossible.  I feel like I'm 
> at a standstill and chasing my tail (and not the one attached to 
> my tummy <VBG>)

just cuz your endo has a degree hanging on the wall does NOT mean he knows 
better than the CDE, or you!!!  I would truly like to see my endo insert a 
silhouette, or calculate how much insulin to take for a meal of cold sesame 
noodles and orange chicken!!!  If you can not get a hold of him and you are 
having some bad highs or lows, take control into your own hands, where it 
oughta be in my humble opinion, and tweak your basals...Heck if I waited for 
my doctor to "okay" my basal rate changes...I'd still be at a flat .6 all day 
long...and crashing at 2am, and going SUPER high at 6am...

> Last nite I started charting my numbers overnite, maybe I'll just 
> try and do it myself, I'm just afraid I may not do the adjustment properly.

GO FOR IT!!!  we will help you, use the web site to help figure out what 
adjustments will do to you, and just change one basal rate at a time....only 
.1 at a time.  and surely your un-licensesd CDE can help some...though to be 
a CDE don't you HAVE to be licensed to help adjust insulin levels??  one 
would think that if one was a Certified Diabetes Educator, he or she would be 
capable of making insulin adjustments...but whatever...maybe they aren't!

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