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Re: [IP] re: optimism, medic alert, and insurance...

Deear Cathy and "Celtic" -
Yes, you are NOT alone -  when my first doc gave me my frist book on
diabetes, he said "Don't read the last chapter" - which is the first thing I
read!!  But since I started  on the pump (Jan 17 this year) I have signed up
for a retirement plan.  Like both of you, I know I have increased chances of
dying early - Cathy - the psychologist you will probably see will tell you
thiings you've already heard, and know all too well.  You are your own best
friend!  Watch your blood sugars, keep them the best you can, and you'll be
around a hundredd years from now!  I have lived a surprising 35 years with
this disease, and am NOT giving up anytime soon!  You should not either!
Last night, after we had a servere thnderstorm move through our area, here I
was testing my bg last night with a flashlight!  Using a flashilght, and
(because it was 52!) I slept with a flashlight all night, beside me in the
bed!  Not knowing if I''d have to get up early to test!  Well, loo and
behold! because of this pump - NO problem!!!!!!  When i got up this morning,
it was 119  !!!!!!!!  Can you believe?!  You HAVE to try a pump!  Good luck
finguring things out
!!  Jane!

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