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[IP] Depression

Diabetes surely has long tentacles - the Octopus might make a better diabetes mascot than the bear, or pumpy!
The more I unravel all my 'other' problems, the more I find out that that too is related to diabetes.  

I suffered from clinical depression for years.  In fact one psychiatrist told meI'd had it since about age 10- which, duh, oddly enough is the age when a couple of endos told me I had diabetes develop.  (Not diagnosed until I was 19- but since I had all those pesty yeast infections since I was 10 that's the date they think it started.)  Add to that the eating disorder, 'frozen
shoulders' and who knows what else,I 'm amazed I wasn't a total basket case by the time I got on the pump.  Actually, maybe I was.

Depression was the worst, because when I was depressed I didn't care about taking care of my diabetes - and frankly, for me, MDI plus, wasn't cutting it - so it didn't make much difference.  When I think of all the blaming other people have done regarding my diabetic problems, it just made the depression worse.  As someone who was hospitalized for more than one suicide attempt, plus a couple of other times for depression, believe me I am glad glad glad to report that my depression left me about a six months into the pump- that means I was ONLY depressed for 42 years.  

Good grief the things we go through...


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