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Re: [IP] Re (IP) Type 1 and 2--antibodies

is there a difference between  islet and autoimmune antibodies? -Gianna

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>Subject: [IP] Re (IP) Type 1 and 2
>Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 08:05:31 EDT
><<According to recent research, there is a new type of diabetes.  It's call
>type 1.5.  This type refers to people, adults actually, that develop type 1
>past the age of 35.  These type of diabetics start out as type 2s, but 
>the ability to make any insulin at all.>>
>Please cite your source.  This is actually old information. The new ADA
>criteria recommends this use of only 2 classification types. Each has
>subsets.  Type 2 in childhood use to be called MODY...maturity onset 
>of youth...another subset of Type 2.  There also exists a situation where a
>Type 1 (autoimmune) person also has a genetic make-up to develop Type 2
>(inherited), especially when there are multiple family members with Type 2.
>The 2 types are not mutually exclusive. Confusing, I know. The labels as 
>I and II are outdated (roman numerals).  Many Type 2's will eventually take
>insulin, but their underlying condition is Type 2.  Adults diagnosed as 
>2 who then become Type 1, were most likely misdiagnosed because adults tend
>to have a more prolonged honeymoon phase. Doctors start those people out 
>oral meds, then increase the dosage until the maximum dosage doesn't work,
>then switch to insulin because these people seldom get BG control with oral
>meds and diet (only a more prolonged honeymoon phase). The appropriate 
>tests... C-peptide, autoimmune antibodies, islet cell antibodies...usually
>help to pinpoint the correct diagnosis. Of, course, there are always rare
>Barbara B.
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