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[IP] diabetes bumper stickers, HELP with parents!

I read about someone on this list who had a bumper sticker saying
"diabetes kills. cure it." I would like one because people don't realize 
that diabetes is a serious disease.  If anyone knows where I can get this or 
any bumper sticker having to do with diabetes, please tell me!! Also, how 
can I start to build awareness in my school and especially with my dad and 
stepmom, who don't really seem interested in learning.  They think that I 
obsess about food and try to serve me instant white rice and then wonder why 
i am high.  They think other food is too expensive and especially my stepmom 
doesn't really care. This is very hard for me especially since my mother and 
stepdad are so wonderful.  When I told my stepmom I was getting my pump she 
was, well, disgusted.  She still makes a huge deal out of me testing bg at 
the table! She looks away and covers her eyes and tell my dad how she "can't 
watch me do . . .THAT." I try to be optimistic and positive and she makes it 
hard. Can anyone offer some help? --gianna

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